Hey everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well :) I'm asking everyone to complete an Imperative Voice Test. The Test is included in the link below:


Please ask your parents to conduct this test with you at home. You can complete the work in your school closures copy or your parents may wish to print the test out for you, if they have a printer, but it's not necessary. Either way is totally fine - whatever is easier. 

NB. What's really important is that you don't click the link or open the folder yourself. Your parents should be the only ones to open the test. Please don't cheat - I'm trusting you all. 

Once you have completed the test I have included a powerpoint for you to read through. It's about someone famous from the past. Only read this powerpoint after you have completed the test.

Lastly there's a few pictures that I want you to look through. The pictures are of new s…

Work for Week 3 of School Closure - 30th/March/2020

Work for Week 3 of School Closure - 30/March/2020
Hey guys,
Karen and I wanted to upload some more activities for you to complete before (or over) your Easter Holidays. You can take your time and work at your own pace. 
Please try to complete the Maths (Chapter 24 – Area) section below. Karen has uploaded videos (using google drive) and a day by day guide to completing the chapter. We’ve also included information on how you can download your CJ Fallon school books so that you can continue to work from home.
We know it’s not easy to work from home so just try your best and don’t worry if you cannot complete all the work.
We would like you to at least watch the RTÉ School Hub daily. This is something you could do with your siblings, parents or alone.
Thank you to everyone who has emailed Karen or myself your County of Ireland Projects. We have loved reading them and are emailing back our responses as we read through them.
Also, we would like to thank everyone who took part in our CareChoice…

CareChoice Challenge & Educational Website List No: 2

Educational Websites List No: 2
Teachers: Karen Boyle & Karl LawlessClass: 6th Class
Hey guys, hope you are all keeping well and helping your parents & siblings at home. Karen and I are really missing you all L It’s just not the same without our daily interactions and banter in school. 
I’m really missing annoying Karanosaurus Rex every day L I’m sending her daily memes and tagging her in annoying stuff on Facebook but it’s just not having the same impact. Looking forward to annoying her in person again once we finally return to school J
I just wanted to add a few more educational links and tell you about an initiative that I’d love both classes to take part in (I’ll explain it fully below) and you might even include your siblings in this.
Karen and I have also started receiving some of your projects (via email) on your chosen county in Ireland. We have been very impressed with what we have seen so far and it’s lovely to see that you have been continuing to work hard at home, despi…

Useful Websites for Online Teaching & Learning - Educational Website List No: 1

Educational Websites List No: 1
Teachers: Karen Boyle & Karl LawlessClass: 6th Class
*CJ Fallon are providing free access to all e books until the end of the school term to parents – This website will have a number of books we use in school including Busy at Maths 6, Léigh sa Bhaile F, Small World History/Geography/Science. Follow link and instructions to avail of the offer.
Maths ·Prodigy Maths Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age. ·IXL Maths Useful website for 6th class Maths. Work divided into topics with online quizzes. ·NZ Maths New Zealand Website – has learning activities broken down in levels and rich learning activities. ·Over 60 Awesome websites for Teaching and Learning Maths
English ·British Council Learn English Kids https://learnenglish…