Kevin's Rescheduled PT Meetings Tue 13th

Dear parents/carers,

There are a number of parents who missed out on Monday’s PT meetings as I was absent from school.

I will instead be rescheduling PT meetings from 2:30 – 5:00 on Tuesday 12th of next week.

Times available are:
2:30 3:30 2:45 3:45 3:00 4:00 3:15 4:15 4:30 4:45
Please email me your 3 preferred times to and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

Times will be issued on a first come first served basis.


Contact Details

Can parents from both classes please ensure that the school has their most up to date contact details.

If your details have changed can you let the office know.

Several emails and texts have bounced back in recent weeks.

It is important that we have correct details to send you various information updates.

Brian and Kevin.

Individual project on Russia

Hi guys, I set the kids a project to do for the next few weeks. I’ve explained the layout and how I want it to be done to the children in class. There is backing paper available in my class if the children need it for their projects. They will have the week before the project is due with only spellings and Irish sentences to do as part of their homework to give them extra time to put finishing touches on their projects.
The children will be doing an individual project about Russia that is due on Friday the 1st of February.
Childrens projects should:
- Presented on an A2 or A3 sheet. - Be written or typed and stuck onto the sheet. (Try to ensure children aren’t plagiarising as this is good practise for the future) - Include pictures either sketched or printed off. - Include some general information about Russia (language spoken, population, climate, capital city etc.) - Have a couple of sections on different topics about Russia or focus in depth on one topic. Examples of topics could be: Tra…

Draft Christmas Play Script - Oliver!


Belmayne ETNS

Scene 1: Workhouse

Bell rings.Music starts and boys walk on singing:

Song: Food, Glorious Food

Boys pick straws.Oliver draws short straw and walks hesitantly to Mr Bumble.

Oliver: Please sir, may I have some more?
Mr Bumble: MORE?
Oliver dashes around with Mr Bumble chasing him. Runs out the door.

Scene 2: Marketplace
Oliver stands alone in empty/still Marketplace, centre stage.Oliver hangs head and cries.Market people come on bustling, calling out, knocking Oliver who carries on crying.Dodger walks on, looking for opportunities to pick-pocket.Oliver notices and starts to watch Dodger, sniffing and wiping eyes.
Dodger 1:What you staring at?Aint you ever seen a toff?
Oliver:No, sorry, I haven’t.
Dodger 2:Ah, that’s all right.(Stealing apple for Oliver) Ungry are ya?
Oliver:Oh thank you.I am actually.I’ve been walking for hours. .
Dodger 1:Runaway are ya?Who you runnin away from then – yer old man?
Oliver:I’ve come to London to seek my fortune.