Draft Christmas Play Script - Oliver!


Belmayne ETNS

Scene 1: Workhouse

Bell rings.Music starts and boys walk on singing:

Song: Food, Glorious Food

Boys pick straws.Oliver draws short straw and walks hesitantly to Mr Bumble.

Oliver: Please sir, may I have some more?
Mr Bumble: MORE?
Oliver dashes around with Mr Bumble chasing him. Runs out the door.

Scene 2: Marketplace
Oliver stands alone in empty/still Marketplace, centre stage.Oliver hangs head and cries.Market people come on bustling, calling out, knocking Oliver who carries on crying.Dodger walks on, looking for opportunities to pick-pocket.Oliver notices and starts to watch Dodger, sniffing and wiping eyes.
Dodger 1:What you staring at?Aint you ever seen a toff?
Oliver:No, sorry, I haven’t.
Dodger 2:Ah, that’s all right.(Stealing apple for Oliver) Ungry are ya?
Oliver:Oh thank you.I am actually.I’ve been walking for hours. .
Dodger 1:Runaway are ya?Who you runnin away from then – yer old man?
Oliver:I’ve come to London to seek my fortune.