Student Council Elections

Monday 24/9/18- Practice speeches for in class voting. In class votes after lunch. 4 best candidates need to be picked before school is over (16 in all between 5th and 6th class). Speeches should be prepared over the weekend. Speeches to be1 minute or lessTuesday 25/9/18- Preparation Day - A chance for the 16 candidates to stick up posters and prepare a 30 - 60 second speech. SC Candidates will be allowed 6 A4 posters.These will only be allowed hang in designated areas;                              - Bottom of 6th class prefab.                          - Downstairs main building.-Upstairs main building.                  -Downstairs 3rd/4th prefabs.                - Upstairs 3rd/ 4th prefabs.                - Outside 5th class rooms (laminated).

Wednesday 26/9/18- Before small break - 16 candidates present to 5th/ 6th class, in Kevin's classroom.Wednesday 26/9/18- After little break the final 16 candidates have a chance to go around the classes canvassing.Friday 28/9/18- The final…

Homework going forward

Hi guys,

Here is a list of what the homework for the next while is going to consist of for Brian and Kevin's sixth classes. The school are reviewing the homework policy so once this is updated the homework may change.

English spellings.Irish sentences.Irish learning off of verb sheet. Leigh sa bhaile Irish reading. Grammar sheet. (one part per day)
This blog will be updated shortly!